Use case scenario: Commercial freeform wire transfer

Involved solutions:

This use case is initiated from the Business Banking Account page, using the Transfers app.

Before you begin

For this scenario, you need to be in the Business Acount section of your profile. For instructions how to switch sections, see Commercial freeform wire transfer.

Walkthrough: Commercial freeform wire transfer

Commercial freeform wire transfer

  1. On the MyBank Demo website, switch to your Business Account profile: click the Toggle switch to change from Personal to Business. Alternatively, in the Settings screen, you can change the setup to start in Business mode, log off and log in again.
  2. Switch to the Transfers tab.
  3. Select the Primary Account from the Debit Account list.

    Other accounts are also listed in the Debit Accounts list as placeholders but these are not available to be used. Only the Primary Account option can be selected for the fictional transaction.

  4. Fill in the required beneficiary account information:
    • Bank Number: fictional number to reference the bank to which the fictional amount is transferred. You can select any bank from the list.
    • Account Number: fictional account number to which the fictional amount is transferred. You can enter numbers from 1 to 20 digits.
    • Amount: fictional amount of money that is transferred for this fictional transaction. The type of verification for the transaction depends on the amount. These amount limits are defined in the default Risk Analytics rules:
      • 0–100. Push notification only, no PIN or other verification required.
      • 101–4999. Fingerprint touch ID required.
      • 5000–100000. Face recognition required.
    • USD, EUR, GBP: represent the fictional currency used for this fictional transaction. No other currencies are supported.

    • Reference: you can enter text here to describe the purpose of the transaction.

    • Date to Transmit: you can enter a date here to simulate scheduling the date when the transaction will be processed. In MyBank Demo, this value is not used but can be specified.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Sign the transaction by scanning the Cronto image with the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App.