Download Audit Trail Document

With this API, you can download the audit trail document generated with Generate Audit Trail. The response of the generate-audit-trail request contains the link to the download location of the document. This link is included in the request to download the audit trail document.


GET /api/transactions/dte-transaction-id/data

Available parameters

Available request parameters (download audit trail document)
Name HTTP request data Description
Authorization Request header

Required. This is the authorization token.

Format: Bearer token

url Request parameter

Required. The link to the download location of the audit trail document.

Format: sfs://shared_storage_id/tenant_id/transactions/transaction_id/­docs/AuditTrailDocument_transaction_version_number_events/1


Example request

  1. curl --location --request GET 'https://host:port/api/transactions/00178a9e-0862-4055-88b8-94f49618b51b/data?url=sfs://my_db/default/dealflo/transactions/00178a9e-0862-4055-88b8-94f49618b51b/docs/AuditTrailDocument_11_40/1' \

  2. --header 'Authorization: Bearer token' \

  3. --header 'Cookie: cookie'