OneSpan has recently been extending its Accessibility Support's WCAG compliance to additional use cases for senders and signers. And the company plans to do more.

Keep an eye on our Release Notes, as we will be gradually removing this component's current limitations.

The Accessibility Support component is known to have the following current limitations:

  • Document formats other than PDF are not yet supported.
  • Some text read by screen readers is currently available only in English and French.
  • Drop-down lists, label fields, and date-picker fields are not yet supported in accessible transactions.
  • The Reports page available to account owners is not yet accessible.
  • Certain e-Notary features (e.g., Journals) are not yet accessible.
  • Fast Track sending is only partly supported for accessibility. Some messaging is not available to screen readers.
  • The only extraction type that accessible transactions can use is Position Extraction.
  • Our First Time Use Walkthough of the New User Experience has images and content that are not yet accessible (that Walkthrough is launched from the drop-down menu associated with your name on the top right of the Dashboard).
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