Creating a Package

A OneSpan Sign document package is a container for related documents that need to be signed. In general, such packages contain one or more documents (up to ten) and one or more signers. The sender of a package generally performs the following procedures:

To create a package:

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to OneSpan Sign > OneSpan Sign Packages. The All OneSpan Sign Packages page appears.
  2. On the ribbon, click New. The New OneSpan Sign Package page appears.
  3. In the Package Details section, type a suitable Name for the package. The name should identify the package's contents (e.g., Mortgage Renewal Documents)
  4. If you want to base the package on an existing template, select a template from the Based On Template menu. For further information, see 2013.
  5. Optionally, type a Description of the package.
  6. If you want to associate the package with an Entity Record, select a Related Entity and a Related Record.
  7. Click Advanced Options to use any of the following parameters:
    • Language: Specifies the language to be used in the package.
    • Expiration Date: Specifies a date by which all documents are to be signed.
    • Email Message: Creates an email message to be sent to all signers.
    • Convention: Specifies a OneSpan Sign Convention to be applied to the package.
    • Auto-Prepare with Text Tags:¬†Enables the package to be automatically prepared with previously defined Text Tags.
    • Insert Dynamics CRM Values: Specifies that after the package is prepared, Text Tag values will be inserted from eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
    • In Person Signing: Enables in-person signing.
    • Enforce Signer Order: Enforces an order in which signers must sign the package.
    • Review After Completion: Enables the review of a package before it's marked as complete.
  8. Click Save.

Video Tutorial

How to Use e-Signatures in eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM