After a transaction's invitation email is sent to a recipient, they can access its Signing Ceremony via a link in that email. The Signing Ceremony walks the recipient through the signing process.


  • We are proud to introduce our New Signer Experience, which provides signers with an interface that is intuitive, responsive, and customizable. To learn more about this addition to the New User Experience, click here. To try it out, please contact our Support Team.
  • If you are not yet ready for the New Signer Experience, simply continue using the Signing Ceremony associated with the Classic User Experience (for details, click here). Note: This ceremony is not responsive, so mobile devices display a mobile version of it called the Mobile Signing Ceremony.
  • By default, all transactions include an Sending a OneSpan Sign Package agreement that recipients must accept before they sign.
  • Clicking the link in an invitation email often directs recipients to the Signing Ceremony straightaway. However, if the Force Login feature is activated, clicking that link brings a sender in your account to a Login page. There, they must log in to the system using their email address and password. Only then will they be directed to the Signing Ceremony.

Video Tutorial

How to Sign Transactions from the Dashboard

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