Package files

The following files are part of the Risk Analytics demonstration package:

  1. OneSpan Risk Analytics version.number Demonstration Guide.pdf
  2. RA version.number Demo.DB.InactiveCampaigns.RulesAndHotLists.DedicatedPSD2.xml

    Risk Analytics campaigns and rules to set up the demonstration digital banking environment. All campaigns are inactive after import into Risk Analytics and must be manually activated before demonstration scenarios can be triggered.

  3. TID RA version.number Demo.postman_environment.json

    The PostmanClosedThird-party API development environment which contains a collection runner allowing to run sets of REST requests against TID. environment which is required to run any of the demonstration collections. After import into Postman, certain environment values must be configured through the Postman interface before running the demonstration collections.

  4. TID RA version.number Demo - A. Populate Database.postman_collection.json

    Postman collection to populate your Risk Analytics environment with historical data. Requires a configured Postman environment before this collection can be run.

  5. TID RA version.number Demo - B. Trigger rules.json

    Postman collection to trigger the demonstration scenarios in TID. Before running this collection, you must populate your Risk Analytics environment.