Support for vacation delegation

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Hi, Does eSignLive have any feature to support delegation of signer during vacation period i.e. When I create a package I specify Signer 1 and also a delegated Signer 2 for a specified time period

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Hi there, "Delegate for a signer for a period of time" is not yet an out of the box feature provided by OneSpan Sign. You can fill in an Enhancement Request for this feature through our support team. Or since you are integrated, you can build the capability by your custom code: - How to handle change signer: enable "change/reassign signer feature" for the role and programmatically set the first/last name, email, title, company information for the assignee. The reason why I suggest to use reassign instead of simply update signer info is, you can't update a signer once the person started to sign. You can consider simply update the signer according to your scenario. - How to trigger the event: since you've got the start/end date of the person's vacation, you can use a task schedule library to help you trigger the event, or use expiry feature from OSS -- set the first expiry until the start of vacation, if the package expired, your listener will receive a callback and your application could reassign the signer info the set a second expiry until the end of the vacation. If the package expired again, your application can reassign back to the original signer and remove the expiry. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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