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OneSpan Sign
1 day 2 hours ago


OneSpan Sign
2 days 9 hours ago

Hi Team,

We are using POST reminders api to schedule reminders. Initialy, we are creating package in DRAFT status. 

OneSpan Sign
2 days 17 hours ago

Hi Team,

How to set email reminder parameters while creating JSON request?

Below parameters we are using to set expiry option at the time of Transaction creation.

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Submitted on October 28 2020
Bundled a mini-sized JRE8 to the Bulk Invite Sender Tool version 1.3.1
Submitted on September 22 2020
Bundled a mini-sized JRE8 to the "OneSpan Sign - Package Export & Download Tool".
Submitted on September 16 2020
This tool checks up on the ongoing progress of bulk sending transactions and exports a CSV report.
  • bulk send
  • Package Reporting
  • report

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