Digital Signature capturing text box not displaying for eSignature

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Hi, 1. Digital signature capturing block not showing for esignature in document. 2. After clicking on ACCEPT, sending email to download the completed document The email content is: ---------------------------------------------- You can securely download your signed documents here: Go to Documents Thank you for using e-SignLiveâ„¢! Your e-SignLiveâ„¢ Team 1-855-MYESIGN --------------------------------------------------------------- Below are the request JSON object and also attached the generated pdf document. Please let me know, is there anything missing from the request. Request JSON is: {"trashed":"true","documents":[{"extract":"true","name":"SmartApp_en_2014491","approvals":[{"role":"SIGNER_2008635"},{"role":"SIGNER_2008635"},{"role":"SIGNER_2008635"}]}],"roles":[{"id":"SIGNER_2008635","signers":[{"email":"[email protected]","firstName":"Eapp","id":"SIGNER_2008635","lastName":"Tpp","auth":{"challenges":[{"maskInput":"true","answer":"testing","question":"What was the name of the city where your mother was born?"}],"scheme":"CHALLENGE"}}]}],"status":"SENT","name":"BMO Insurance eSign Package","type":"PACKAGE","userName":"eBix","userPwd":"3F166721197B5"}


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Hey sai123, It would seem you're not placing a click-to-sign or a capture style signature. You posted this in Web (UI) forums, but are talking a payload. Are you using the REST API for this or the UI? As for the payload you need to add a signature with the REST API, see this guide: REST Quick Start Guide See the approvals property to see how a signature block is defined in the payload.

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