Getting error while calling sdk.createDocuments(packageId, document, doc)

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I am using the sample code for creating a transaction but getting an error - 

Bad Request - {"messageKey":"error.validation.invalidParameters","technical":"Unexpected Content-Disposition value for parameter 'name'","message":"Invalid parameters.","code":400,"name":"Validation Error"}

while calling sdk.createDocuments(packageId, document, doc);

Please let me know if i am missing anything. Screenshots attached having the code.



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Hi prnygupta123,


Thanks for your post! Although I can't reproduce the error with the same code, there's actually another way to create a package. Could you try with below code where the transaction, signers and documents are uploaded in a single call "sdk.createPackage(pkg,documentBlobMap)" instead of separate steps:

(Also, I don't think there's any problem there but please make sure you have created a static resource with name of "testdoc1" in your Salesforce environment)


        OneSpanSDK sdk = new OneSpanSDK();
        //Create package
        OneSpanAPIObjects.Package_x pkg = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Package_x(); = 'Example Transaction - ' +;
        pkg.status = OneSpanAPIObjects.PackageStatus.SENT;
        //Create Roles
        String roleId1 = 'Signer1';
        OneSpanAPIObjects.Role role1 = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Role();
        role1.signers = sdk.createRolesSigner('John', 'Smith', '[email protected]', 'CEO', 'ABC Bank'); = roleId1; = roleId1;
        pkg.roles = new List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Role>{role1};    //add role

        //Prepare Documents Blob
        String document1Name = 'Document1';
        StaticResource sr = [SELECT Id, Body FROM StaticResource WHERE Name = 'testdoc1' LIMIT 1];
        Map<String,Blob> documentBlobMap = new Map<String,Blob>();
        documentBlobMap.put(document1Name, sr.Body);
        //Create Document Metadata
        OneSpanAPIObjects.Document document1 = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Document(); = document1Name; = document1Name;
        OneSpanAPIObjects.Field field = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Field();
        field.left = 208;
        field.width = 200;
        field.height = 50; = 518; = 0;
        field.subtype = 'CAPTURE';
        field.type = 'SIGNATURE';
        List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Field> fields = new List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Field>();
        OneSpanAPIObjects.Approval approval = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Approval();
        approval.fields = fields;
        approval.role = roleId1;

        List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Approval> approvals = new List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Approval>();
        document1.approvals = approvals;

        pkg.documents = new List<OneSpanAPIObjects.Document>{document1};    //add document
        //Send package One Step
        String packageId = sdk.createPackage(pkg,documentBlobMap);
        System.debug('PackageId: ' + packageId);



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hi Duo,

Thanks for your response. I just changed the pdf file in the static resource and it started working for me. So all good now. 


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