harishaidary submitted June 8 2016
This simple example code shows you how to retrieve the completion report using the eSignLive Java SDK. With the completion report, you can retrieve information about your senders, such as: the number of packages in a specific status, the package name, and the package id. Also, to run this example, make sure to replace the api key placeholder with your own value. 
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In the Completion Report, what is the difference between 'Complete Date' and 'Latest Update Date'? How they are getting populated in the report?




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Hi Geejov,


Sorry for the late reply (because there's no direct notification reached out to me)!  Feel free to make a post instead so that I can reply back to you more promptly!


For Completion Report, it's a known limitation that the "Completion Date" is not returned. The "PACKAGE UPDATED" column in CSV response or the "update" field in JSON response refer to the "Latest Update Date". However, for a completed package, it's not always the case that the completion date equals to latest updated date. (For example, signer get locked after completion updates the package; archive a package then revert the status also updates the package) That's why it's more of a limitation to the completion report.



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