The full OneSpan Mobile Security Suite solution is a complete developer’s toolkit containing SDKs for natively integrating mobile app security, authentication, biometrics, electronic signatures and more into your Android and iOS apps. As a comprehensive set of mobile in-app protection capabilities, Mobile Security Suite empowers you to optimize your users’ mobile experiences, mitigate mobile threats, and prevent fraud while reducing costs and development overhead and accelerating release cycles.

  • Simplify and secure the mobile experience
  • Combine multiple authentication methods via a consolidated framework
  • End-to-end app security including communications, storage, and user interface
  • Enable customers to e-sign documents securely on their mobile device

If you need to learn more about OneSpan's Mobile Security Suite solution before getting started, visit OneSpan.com

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The best way to try our Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution and understand Mobile Security Suite's capabilities is to sign up for a free sandbox account. Once you sign up, you can test a limited subset of Mobile Security Suite capabilities that enable the OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication and Risk Analytics solutions.

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Check Out the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication Demo

The OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication demo simulates orchestrated multi-factor authentication using the TID platform. Use it to discover the capabilities of the OneSpan cloud solution for banking services.


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When you’re ready, review our integration guides to learn about integrating a limited subset of Mobile Security Suite SDKs into your mobile apps with minimal effort.

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