Duo_Liang submitted May 11 2020

This tool is encapsulated as an Executive Jar, so you need to install the JRE/JDK environment in order to run the Jar.

Important To Know:
Make sure you've performed fully tests on the sandbox before applying to production environment.

Supported Functions:
1. Support both credentials: API KEY and Username/Password
2. Support both SaaS and On-Premise environments
3. Support proxy configurations
4. Allow to review the layout (designer page URL) before deleting 


Update 2020/06/04:

1. allow to show/hide the review buttons

2. add an index in front of each result

3. add "is shared" field to each result

4. add the export to CSV function


Update 2020/06/26:

1.In CSV, the string format for "Index" column is ="{index}", to display the cell as a string

2.In CSV, the string format for other columns is "{content}", to prevent comma from delimiting the cell

3.In CSV, escape quotation mark (") as double quotation marks ("")

Please make a post on Developer Community (https://community.onespan.com/) if the tool doesn't work properly or you have any suggestions on this tool!

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