Action Before March 31: Upgrade Java Server-Side Notification SDK for Apple Push Notification Compliance

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Please remember that Apple set a March 31, 2021 deadline to upgrade to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) API provider (see: After March 31, push notifications can no longer be sent to iOS apps using the legacy binary protocol because Apple will no longer support it. 

This impacts your use of Server-Side Notification SDKs in combination with OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio (MAS) and/or Mobile Security Suite (MSS) for the sending of push notifications to iOS apps. Past release notifications have explained this new requirement, and this message serves as a final notification of the action required of customers to ensure uninterrupted sending of push notifications to iOS apps. 

To ensure uninterrupted sending of push notifications to your MAS or MSS app for iOS, you need to at a minimum use or upgrade to one of the following Server-Side Notification SDK versions by March 31, 2021

Server Notification SDK Minimum Versions for APNs Compliance 

  • Java Server-Side Notification SDK version 4.23 

Where/How to Upgrade 

For customers with a valid maintenance contract, current MAS and MSS releases are available for download from the OneSpan Customer Portal. If you have additional questions, please contact OneSpan support at [email protected]

Sam Bakken
Director of Product Marketing | Mobile and Identity Solutions

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