CeremonyID or TransactionID or PackageID

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We build a web application using the Silanis.ESL.SDK to create and manage document to sign. Which is using the PackageID and DocumentID to interact with Esign in order to get the Signing status and download the signed document. This is working. We are also building a mobile application using the iOS SDK which doens't seems to have any references to PackageID or DocumentID, but more about a CeremonyID or TransactionID. When completing the signature within iOS, and accessing the sandbox environment, everything is considered as a transaction. We have an ID reference visible in the url (ex. and we see the same ID in the summary under the Signed Ceremony ID. Is this the PackageID we need for the Silanis.ESL.SDK to access the information from our webapp? If not, how can we retrieve at least the packageID from the signed document using the iOS SDK. If we have this reference, we can manage it with the Silanis.ESL.SDK. This is confusing and we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the issue, any chance you can help us rapidly. Also, is this url still valid to connect for Silanis.ESL.SDK: Thanks!

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Hi there, The ID reference in the URL(ex. is the package ID, and it's safe to use in your SDK. However, with mobile application, when you create a transaction/package from a PDF/cached template in offline mode, the "guid" of the transaction could be set to a temporary ID resembles as an UUID, this one will be replaced by genuine package ID after successfully synchronized with OneSpan Sign server. So in your case, the aDict["guid"] returned from this callback - (void)didSynchronizeTransaction:(NSDictionary *)aDict;should be considered as the actual package ID to push to your backend. Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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