Change package expiry without sending email

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Is there a way to change the package expiry date without re-sending the invitation email?

My current code is 

PackageId ossPackageId = new PackageId(documentSignatureResendDto.PackageId);

            DocumentPackage package = ossClient.GetPackage(ossPackageId);

           package.Settings.DefaultTimeBasedExpiry = false;
            package.ExpiryDate = documentSignatureResendDto.ExpiresOn;
            ossClient.UpdatePackage(ossPackageId, package);


If I don't use 


then the singer gets Access Denied error when link is clicked in the email.


is there a way to change the package status back to InProgress after changing the expiry date?




Reply to: Change package expiry without sending email

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Hi Kamran,


You need to keep the ossClient.SendPackage(ossPackageId); as it is the only method to change transaction status to SENT.

It's also expected that once a transaction's status changed from DRAFT/DECLINED/EXPIRED to SENT, all unfinished signers will receive "email.activate" notification.

Two suggestions to help improve the user experience:

(1)You can set signer message to help distinguish the first send with the expiry extension, it's described in "STEP 2: Customize the Email" of this blog:

(2)You can contact support team and disable the "email.activate" template entirely. Instead, you'd call below method to manually send invitation to signers. It uses a different email template "email.notify":
eslClient.PackageService.NotifySigner(packageId, "[email protected]", "HELLO SIGNER");



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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