Create transaction from template iOS SDK

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Can you please provide us the code on how to create a transaction from a template using the iOS SDK

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Hi there, To create a transaction from a template from iOS, there’s a function including in the eSignLive.h header file:
- (void)createDraftFromTemplateWithGUID:(NSString *)aGUID withCallback:(void (^)(NSDictionary *response))aCallback;
And you can invoke the function in this way:
eSignLive.dashboard().createDraftFromTemplate(withGUID: "Z0P-GnprcP94hjwS6oPWpd1opzc=",withCallback:  {(dict: [AnyHashable : Any]?) -> Void in
            if let myDict = dict, let guid = myDict["guid"] as? String {
            eSignLive.dashboard().startEditingTransaction(withGUID: guid, canAddDocuments: true, canDeleteDocuments: true, canReorderDocuments: true)
In this example, I manually input the template ID. What this function does is to create a draft package cloning from the template by ID. So you will see this draft package in your web portal in real time: In callback function, it returns a dictionary containing the relevant info regarding to this draft package, and then, client can use package ID to start a package creation page like below: Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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