Getting ready for Android 12 and iOS 15 coming in September 2021

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We expect Apple and Google to release iOS 15 and Android 12 this September, and beta versions are available now. OneSpan is hard at work ensuring we can provide customers with compatible OneSpan mobile solution releases as quickly as possible once Google and Apple make official public releases available. 

OneSpan does not guarantee full support or compatibility testing for all preview or beta versions. However, in some cases during testing we may identify issues that warrant a release of a beta-compatible version of one of our mobile solutions, but we expect this to be rare.  

We understand the need to understand OneSpan’s progress in terms of iOS 15 and Android 12 compatibility. You can stay up-to-date on our progress by checking the OneSpan Knowledge Base article KB0014957 – “Compatibility of OneSpan Mobile Solutions with Major Mobile OS Releases (Android 12 and iOS 15).” We regularly update the article with the latest information about OneSpan compatibility testing.  

Sam Bakken
Director of Product Marketing | Mobile and Identity Solutions

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I don't know yet but the upcoming versions of android and iOS have updated versions of task reminder applications

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