IAS 3.21 on Centos 7 REPLICATION

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I have fully working instance of 3.21 IAS on Centos 7 (SRV-A) with some users and DigiPass in local (embedded) db. Now I want to install additional server (Centos 7- SRV-B) with sam version of IAS and I want to initiate replication from SVR-A to SRV-B. 

SRV-A has some data (user accounts and DP), now I want to have that all replicated to SRV-B.

On both servers replication is enabled, on SRV-A replication settings are: Source - SRV-A; Destination - SRV-B; replication over non-secure port 20003.

On SRV-B replication is enabled, source is SRV-B, but there is no destination set up since I want data to replicate from SRV-A to SRV-B only.

I got all installed and everything, but replication does not occur. I see messages got queued on SRV-A, connection to destination server is successful, but no data is replicated to SRV-B.

Any clues, what am I missing?

Thank you.

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 These steps have been tested and are working on CentOS 7.x nodes. ... mysql -u root -p mysql> GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE ON *.

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