IAS migration to Linux and then upgrade

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I don't know if this is the right place, but...

I have test installation of IAS 3.14.xx on Windows 2016. I wanna migrate it to Centos 7 and then upgrade it to 3.21

Migration using DMT goes well (need to run it 3 times in order to migrate all users and digipass), but upgrade on Centos or IAS is giving me headaches.

Upgrade to 3.15 goes smoothly, server is not in migration mode, stared ok after upgrade all well.

Then I want to update to 3.16 but, this is what I get after starting ./

Error executing custom action GetDataMigrationState: IAS is not upgradeable
Installation cancelled - data migration from previous upgrade is incomplete.
Please complete migrating the data to the currently installed version of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server before proceeding with this upgrade.

Any clues what to complete and where when migration did go well?

Thank you.

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Hi Vedran,

Since you seem to have the migration issue on your on-prem environment, and not the cloud solution, I would advice you to contact: [email protected] for a fast resolution.



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The reason for one or the other can vary... but for us internally, there were a handful of servers that had odd/specific applications on them that weren't that easy to get running in the first place and the upgrade path was the better option for those specific machines.



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