Mobile app crash on launch

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Steps to reproduce

1- install mobile OneSpan sign app on Pixel 4xl

2- Click on "login to your account"

3- app crashes, no time to enter any logon credentials

See screenshots.

The phone was bought directly from google, no cell provider software of any king. Completely vanilla.


Reply to: Mobile app crash on launch

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Hi Steven,


Just did a quick test, and can't reproduce with my phone:

Android 10, Mate 20 pro, OneSpan Sign mobile app version 1.6 downloaded from Google Play

You can try to reinstall the latest version and if that still doesn't work, please raise this issue to support team and our support agencies will report it to R&D team.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

Reply to: Mobile app crash on launch

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Thank you Duo, i submitted the problem to support team  like suggested.

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