Mobile SDKs - Industry best practices

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Hey folks at ESL, great job with the mobile SDK, though I'd like to suggest a couple things you can do to make working with the mobile SDKs a little easier. In my opinion, it really just comes down to adhering to a few standard industry best practices: 1) Can the eSignLive SDKs please be put in their respective ecosystems' standard dependency public repository (example: cocoapod for iOS). It would be much easier to manage integrating the SDKs with my projects and keeping them up to date, if the SDKs were included like every other dependency on the planet. 2) Can an API document be published so that a developer can inspect/explore what functionality is exposed via the SDK? I am personally having trouble finding the SDK API call I should make in order to consume a session token I already have in order to sign documents. With the lack of any published API document, I am not even certain the mobile SDK supports this behavior since I can't find an example of it. Code examples are nice, but they do not provide a complete picture of what the SDKs can and cannot do. Thanks!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will forward this to our product management team :)
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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