OneSpan Mobile Authenticator 3.0: Get ready for the new re-design

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New design, new icon, new OneSpan Mobile Authenticator 3.0

We’ve been hard at work on an all new look for the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator 3.0 app scheduled for release in July 2021.

Join the preview

We’d love for you to preview the app’s new user interface. This will also give you an opportunity to update your user-facing documentation with up-to-date visuals.

Get early access to the new and improved OneSpan Mobile Authenticator app now

  • Android: Click here on an Android device to visit the Mobile Authenticator product page on Google Play, scroll down to “Join the Beta” and then click the “Join” button
  • iOS: Click here on an iOS device which will prompt you to install the Testflight app (if you haven’t already installed it)

What you'll notice:

Mobile Authenticator icon

New Icon
All new, easy-to-identify icon


Mobile Authenticator seamless update

Seamless Update
Users that update the app on their device won’t need to take any action – no re-enrollment necessary

Mobile Authenticator new design

New Design
A modern, sleeker user interface allows users to authenticate themselves more quickly and confidently

Mobile Authenticator biometrics

Mobile Authenticator 3.0
Biometrics, push notifications, self-service activation and management, and advanced security make Mobile Authenticator better than ever.

Sam Bakken
Director of Product Marketing | Mobile and Identity Solutions

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