UserAuthenticationCallback and weak password

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In our Android application, we enabled the UserAuthenticationCallback.

Now, we want the Orchestrator SDK to be able to do the WEAK PASSWORD check.
By default, it is not checking that in the SDK, but it starts sending out the ActivationStepComplete calls, whicih is not what we want to do if there is a weak password! Also this fails when trying to attempt a correct Password after the weak password error ;( 

In the documentation it states this for the UserAuthenticationCallback:

7. (OPTIONAL) The Orchestration SDK validates the provided input. For example
the password should respect the weak password rules of Digipass SDK.

So that means it is optional, but shuold be possible to enable that (hopefully).
Only i don't see any way on how to enable this check! Who can help me out here?

Best regards,

Mark Seinen

Reply to: UserAuthenticationCallback and weak password

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Hi Mark,

Could you please share the exception details? Did this happen will using the Sandbox environment? 


Thank you, 


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