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Hello! I am also experiencing this issue in a couple documents. It's strange because four documents came from one transaction with the same two signers, and half of them are valid and half aren't.

If I have OneSpan selected when I click Trust, like in the example above, the option "Add to trusted certificates" is greyed out. (see attachment) If I choose the option above it, it becomes available, but it warns me that I will have to reverify the signatures if I change to it.

I can validate all the signatures either individually in the pop-up window or by clicking "validate all," but it doesn't stay. If I close and reopen the file, the "at least one signature requires validating" message is there once more.

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Whenever we download completed signature documents from the platform and open them in external PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat, the signature fields say there is an issue and that the certificate

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