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Reply to: Adding Anchor tags to a document

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The main problem was that you are referring to the role name “signer1” in the approval, not the role id (e.g. “3bd78206-0bec-478b-b7a5-6c0d3f07710e”) If you had created this package yourself, you could have created a more meaningful id that you specify and don’t have to look up after creation, but the sandbox web interface just lets the system auto-create one. I usually create the role name & id as the same, as the context is limited to the package.

Reply to: Text Anchor - multiple locations

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Sumit, You’ll need something like this, as the SignatureDate needs to be associated with a specific signature:
            for (int signatureoccurence = 0; signatureoccurence 
I’m not quite sure with your code what is happening with the signaturedates, as they aren’t associated with anything.

Reply to: Custom from mail and email body content

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I think Haris misunderstood what you were asking to do. If you want to send your own emails, you can do so, and disable email notifications from eSignLive. To get the signing URL, see the documentation here: You will need to contact support to disable the notifications you don't want eSignLive to perform, however.

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Reply to: Text Extraction is creating an extra signature field

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It is acting as it should. You are using text tag extraction, which creates fields based on what is defined in the document, and you are also defining a signature in your code with .WithSignature(...) Instead of .WithSignature, you should be using WithSigner to define the signer, and leave the signature definition to the Text Tags in the document. e.g. something like what is in the Text Tag feature guide:


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In our software we generate a package in the background then display an IFrame to the URL created with the package from the .net SDK. Right now I have only seen this in your sandbox.
4 6 years 5 months ago 25
I'm trying to send a document for signature using text extraction. It's working, but it's putting an extra signature field in the document that I don't want.
4 6 years 5 months ago 44
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Hello, We need to change the email sent to signers. We want to change the from mail, the subject, the body...
2 7 years 8 months ago 41
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I have the same text in multiple locations in a document, and I want a signer to sign each of them. Using Text Anchor since there are a random number of pages. I want to place a signature block rela
8 7 years 8 months ago 108
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I have been hitting a bit of a brick wall trying to add text anchor tags to an uploaded document. Let my explain what I have been attempting to achieve. First I upload a document to an existing pack
2 8 years 7 months ago 64

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