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Hi there!


Signer1,David,Smith,[email protected],NONE,,,,


Im getting latter a "erroneous Row" message in my mail inbox.   (row 1 error)

Cant guess what is wrong



Reply to: OneSpan Sign - Transaction Export & Download Tool - v1.7.1

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Its a great great tool!

It worked great in our sandbox enviroment.


But it fails to connect to our production enviroment. 

Should we check with support? Could it be a setting in the enviroment preventing us to connect?


Thanks! Daniel!

Reply to: OneSpan Sign - Transaction Export & Download Tool - v1.7.1

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Thanks for all the help..


Do you know of any issue for the senders not being able to download transactions?

In our environment,  Senders are not bein able to retrieve content with the tool.

In order to be sure, we created several sender accounts for us,  created several signing ceremonies and completed them.  Later tried to download with the tool,  but the tool does not retrieve any transaction.

If we grant that sender to admin,  it can retrieve transactions (only his owns).   Our environment is on US 1




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