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Hello Duo_Liang

Thank you very much for your answer but doing more detailed tests I am observing that even when the package is in the process of signing the signers that have specific visibility can see all the documents :(, I share the following code fragment (using Java JDK) where I configure the visibility and some captures where it is observed that a signer who only has permission to see a document can see all the documents:



EslClient eslClient = eslClientManager.createEslClient(securityData);
            List<DocumentVisibilityConfiguration> configurations = new ArrayList<>();
            for( document : documentPackage.getDocuments()) {
                if(document.getViewers() != null) {
            if(!configurations.isEmpty()) {
                eslClient.configureDocumentVisibility(packageId, DocumentVisibilityBuilder



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I'd like to know how to set document visibility when create a package by using REST API? could you please share a sample code?



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