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Reply to: Completion Report Example (Java SDK)

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In the Completion Report, what is the difference between 'Complete Date' and 'Latest Update Date'? How they are getting populated in the report?




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Hi Duo,

We have already opened a ticket with the support team and the ticket # CS0082499. Anas Usmani was working with us in it. There is an attachment in the ticket which has the screen shots from the tool. Please check it. I will check with Anne-Marie and upload if there is any thing missing in that document.

Please let us know if you need any other information to do this analysis. 


Thanks! Geejov

Reply to: OneSpan Sign - Transaction Export & Download Tool - v1.7.1

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Hi Duo,

We have tested the the new version 'OSS - Transaction Export  & Download Tool - v1.5.0' is US2 Sandbox account. The tool is listing the packages which are created only by the owner account, it is NOT listing the packages created by other senders in the account. Please investigate.

thanks! Geejov

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Hi Duo....Prior to the issue I raised, this .jar tool was working and reporting ALL transaction (v.1.4.2).  Now it is not.  I believe it is an issue with the new .jar released as we have not changed how we run this .jar.  This is a PROD issue and our Line of Business  urgently requires this to be fixed as their day-to-day process relies on it.


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