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Hi again!

I still have a problem when I try to send a form with my code... We changed the templates that we send and now I have this error : error.validation.packageActivation.unassignedRole. 

Here are the 2 templates id we use : 




Could you help me with that? Maybe we did'nt set up our templates like the last one I guess and I am not able to find the right signer id..

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi Duo_Liang, 


Thank you, it worked! I found out how to retrieve the information now, I should be able to do it myself next time with postman haha. 

I have an other question, I don't know if I need to open a new post, but I will ask it here ; Do you know if we can do fields injection in the payload of a clone template request? I read that it was not possible in the past, maybe it is now. 


Thank you again,


- Gui


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