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Hello, We found that once a package was created, all signers will receive an invitation email including the link to Signing Ceremony, but not the package owner.
Hi, Every time When I create template, a default document named “Electronic Disclosures and Signatures Consent” is created. I don’t want this document. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
Hi, Currently after signing the process we are receiving the Thank you window with Close and Exit buttons. Let me know whether we can restrict this window after signing process completed. Thanks,
Hello, Is there a way to update package builder after package is build? There's no method found in the SDK. Please advise. Thanks so much.
Hello, We have the below field in our pdf: {{esl:Signer1:textfield:size(200,50)}} Can you please let us know how to make these fields required and how can I set the max field length

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Hi Ryan,


Do you mean to download the original uploaded document? API/SDK does expose a function to download original document, but it's a flattened version and all form fields will be removed:

eslClient.PackageService.DownloadOriginalDocument(new PackageId("package_id"),"document_id");



Reply to: Conditional logic using text tags?

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Hi psangha,


Unfortunately, text tags syntax hasn't supported conditional fields, in which case, you'll have to apply a two-step approach:
(1)add documents with text tags to the transaction, where the text tags identify the field ID

(2)invoke an additional API/SDK call and add the condition
See the Java SDK sample code I attached for more details.





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Hello, what is the maximum number of characters allowed in the package name?  The JavaDoc for the method PackageBuilder.newPackageNamed() states:

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When creating a package we have to upload the file via ByteArrayContent. Is there any way to download a document's byte array after it has been uploaded?

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Hi - is it possible to use conditional logic on text tags?

For example, if user selects a checkbox, then we want a text field to be mandatory, otherwise it is optional.

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Getting error when create package when read file from server.

Working Code: When read file from local machine


 var options = {

            'method': 'POST',

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Hello everybody,


I try to implement a signing order, but it doesn't work. All three Emails are sent at the same time.

What's wrong? Here is my json code:


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