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Reply to: Digipass Activation Workflow with Platform API's

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Digipass Activation Workflow with Platform API's 


I'm attempting to test a similar stream yet I have a few contrasts: 

Register client practically as you do 

In sync 2 I call/authenticators/{serialNumber}/create actuation message 

The reaction from Step 2 is pass down to deliver the CRONTO picture. 

Then, at that point I should call/enlistments and put the code readed from the CRONTO picture as deviceCode 

Settle on another decision to deliver CRONTO picture utilizing activationMessage2 returned in enrollments reaction 


I appended two pictures showing the stream I'm attempting to carry out 

I'm as of now at stage 3 attempting to get de code from CRONTO picture so I have not tried the whole stream. 

Expectation this will take care of you! 


Much obliged!


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I'm trying to piece all of the elements together to build workflows with your APIs, but there are some gaps in my understanding that I need to fill in.

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