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Reply to: Generating Transaction URL with Python script using API request

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Hi Duo, thanks for your response.

I tested the script without the "/secure" part, but i got the same response: <Response [200]>. How you can see, the http response is 200, so the request is working correctly. However, the returned data is limited. Could you indicate me wheter the print function is properly used or it's written in the right way, please?

We appreciate any help you could bring us to solve this issue.

Reply to: "Status" parameter values from "Get transaction" response

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Hi Duo, you're right. Last week, we were looking for another way to fix the automated process from our side, as a contingency plan. But, as you said, the OneSpan support team was able to resolve the issue with the "finalized" parameter, so we're going to keep the initial solution without changes.

Thank you!


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