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Reply to: Active versus flattened documents with eSignLive process

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Hello Todd Active documents contain the signatures, tamper seal, and audit trails of the signed document. Flattened documents contain no evidence they are akin to images. A common scenario where flattened documents are typically used is when storage size is critical (since flattened documents do not contain evidence they are smaller on disk). You are doing this now when you are converting documents to TIFF to be store in the Imaging Processing Center. When it comes to storing documents long term, we recommend to our customers that they store the active and evidence summary documents for each transaction in their repository choice. eSignlive is not a system of record and we normally archive the completed transaction within 90 days. If you need additional details, you can always drop me an email or a call.


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I've not been able to find documentation which explains the differences between flattened and active documents.
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In this tutorial you will configure your E-SL account to send notification to a Google App Engine project. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the ease and flexibility of integrating E-SL with other applications.
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This program will allow you to test your application server to see if meets the mininum requirements to run the eSignLive Java SDK.
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The following example code demonstrates how one can integrate with eSignlive REST service using the Python 2.7 language.
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Extracted Field Example

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This samples shows how to use extracted fields with eSignLive. Features: Binding a signature date to a form field called Date Binding a textbox to a form field called Title The user can enter the desired value in the Title textbox  
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