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Hi Will, 

We still have the same error even if we clear all browser data (delete all cookies and all stored data) once we copy the URL in a browser tab we get the page not found

then if we debug the network tab we notice that there is a 401 at the level of with following response {"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"Client with id Path_Solutions not supported"} returned .

we are wondering why the token is invalid noting that we have passed the same token value returned from the create transaction response. 

thank you


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Dear Will,

Could we have a customized workflow based on our business requirement ? like for example a customized workflow in which we will apply the Document OCR Parsing where we will take only an image capture of the national id document and benefits from the OCR data/fields automatically extracted from the doc (attached onespan_document_captue.jpg) in addition to the checking on the validity of the scanned doc. And to have another customized workflow for the liveness detection where the user will take a selfie capture with smile and then we can benefits from the liveness detection service separately ? (attached onespan_face_capture_and_smile.jpg)

This way, and in case feasible, we can benefits from the Document Verification and OCR Parsing from our backend services without the need of the customer intervention to take a live selfie, so we can validate a set of documents uploaded by the customer in backend without the customer intervention, by calling OneSpan IDV REST API in which we can provide the byte arrays (or base 64) representation of the Document Capture and receive in response the OCR fields and Document Scoring results.

Plus could we have please some details on the above workflows, for example what is the difference between "00000000-0000-0000-0000-300000000007" and "00000000-0000-0000-0000-310000000007" ? because we have tried to create transactions with each one of them and we found that both of them are asking for Document Capture and for Face and Smile Capture, (step  onespan_document_captue.jpg then step of onespan_face_capture_and_smile.jpg ), what's the difference between them ?

Thank you,






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When working with the Rapid Proof of Concept environment only specific Workflow ID's are currently supported.  These may change from time to time, but will be backwards compatible through out the R

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