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I am testing out the Orchestation Client Sample APK that comes inside de SDK Source Files version 4.23.0

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I am also learning Cloud Authentication Flow.
have you see the interactive API Reference?


Maybe you can found the body specification you need there


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I am trying to test the same flow but i have some differences:

  1. Register user pretty much as you do
  2. In step 2 i call /authenticators/{serialNumber}/generate-activation-message
  3. The response from Step 2 is pass down to render the CRONTO image.
  4. Then i should call /registrations and put the code readed from the CRONTO image as deviceCode
  5. Make a new call to render CRONTO image using activationMessage2 returned in registrations response
  6. call /registrations/{registrationID}/activate

I attached two images showing the flow i am trying to implement

I am currently at step 3 trying to get de code from CRONTO image so i have not tested the entire flow.

Hope this will help you out!


flow 1.png59.21 KB
flow2.png57.33 KB

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Hi Hakim,

Thank for your response.

I first tried 4 Digit PIN but the sdk throws an error indicating that the PIN was not secure enogh so i tried a 8 Digit PIN.
For your other question, I am using an actual android device.

I am not sure what is causing the problem, yesterday i register 3 users the 2 first went smoothly but the last i had to try 3 times after i finally could register the user, when i went to list the users, the last user had 3 serialnumber (Example:SN, SN-1,SN-2)

Today have i registered 2 user again with no problem

In the sample proyect I pasted the OrchestrationSDK.aar  in the  app\aars folder. Then i modified the Constants class and the RemoteActivity class.
In the Constants class i changed the fields: ANDROID_SENDER_ID,ACCOUNT_IDENTIFIE, SALT_STORAGE and SALT_DIGIPASS

In the RemoteActivity class i changed the fields: host and user


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Hi Hakim,

I have made further test and i have found some behavior that i think may cause the exception that i mencioned early.
I was testing the PIN Error so i registered a user in this process i entered a 4Digit PIN, then the  apk threw an error indicating tha the PIN was not strong, so i made another attempt with a 8 Digit PIN, then the apk threw the error Flow type not supported To be able to continue with the registration i deleted de user and started the process again, then i was able to register correctly.

So i was thinking tha when an error ocurrs on the server side, the flow enter in this state that throws the "Flow type not supported" for that user, this is the theory i have to explain the previuos ocurrences of this error.




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I am testing out the Orchestation Client Sample APK that comes inside de SDK Source Files version 4.23.0

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