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Hi team, If our application somehow missed the callback notification of declined event, is there any SDK function that can be used to fetch the details about signer who opted-out/decline and with wha
Hi, How can i use SDK to set multiple signature block on the same document for a single signer and the values to be passed dynamically. I have a list of coordinates which specify the position and siz
Currently the Evidence Summary download button is only added to the UI when the transaction has been completed. Wondering if there is a way to have the Summary generate upon the Send command? We are n
Hey team, We want to delete a sender and re-invited to another account.
Hello, I've shared my template, but I still can't see the newly created template in my sub-account's dashboard. Any ideas on this? Thanks!

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Hello Support,

as per requirement in my project, I have to pass multiple documents(2-3) in same package for multiple e-signing.

3 3 years 10 months ago 215
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Is it possible to use a signature pad with written signature using the OneSpan web site? The examples I have seen are all click-to-sign. Any Java code examples you can point me to?


14 3 years 9 months ago 347
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New Signer experience with local language support . Creation of templates in local language.

We have used Java SDK .

24 4 years 1 month ago 189
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I have changed the font Size  in the field formatting ( UI ) but its not reflecting while signing . 

7 4 years 1 month ago 127
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is there any api to delete multiple rules in single rest api call

1 4 years 2 months ago 80
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