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Reply to: Digipass Activation Workflow with Platform API's

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Josh, Oscar, Hiyef,


It seems you're mixing both the /users/register flows and the /authenticators flows, which are different use cases.

Historically when using our on-premise solutions you would have to puzzle an enrollment together "manually":

  • Create a user
  • Look up a free authenticator
  • Assign the authenticator
  • Do the activation (for authenticators that need activation)

This exact same process is still possible in the platform API by using:

  • PUT on /users (not /users/register, I'll come to that later)
  • GET /authenticators to query for a free license
  • /authenticators/{serialNumber}/assign
  • etc, etc

However, especially when wanting to enroll a mobile device, this is all overkill.

We've created /users/register to overcome all of this. This will create a user, find a license, assign it and immediately start the activation.

By default, you get an activationPassword back. This is mean to be plugged into the mobile app and registration will complete fully.

You can find a demo mobile app here:


If you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales engineers, who will happily help you.


Reply to: Mobile Security Suite SDKs

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Dear Alonso,


The MSS SDK available on the community portal only contains the SDKs that are required to work with Orchestration.

The full MSS SDK can be downloaded from the customer portal ( using your client credentials.


Kind regards,



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I'm trying to enable Junos authentication against IAS server.

On juniper KB I found the following but I don't know how and where to apply it on IAS instance 3.23.

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I have running OneSpan Virtual Appliance 3.21 with embedded database.

How to give access for external fraud system to access Digipasses table on database?

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