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Reply to: Creating a Package

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Hi Kodey, Yes, we have examples on how to create packages with the Apex SDK. You do have the option to create them with and without documents. In order to create a package without any documents, you can use the createPackage() method in the ESignLiveSDK class. You'll need to pass a package object as the parameter. Take a look at the ESignLiveExamples.cls class (line 14) for an example method. To create a package with a document, you can use the createPackage() method as well, however, you'll need to include a second argument containing a map of the documents to include in the package. You can see an example of this in the ESignLiveExamples.cls class at line 38. For more info, please take a look at our wiki. Thanks! Rob Martinez

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Reply to: Delegate Access

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Hey Kodey, Yes, there is. In order to delegate someone else as a signer, you can use the updateSigner() method in the ESignLiveSDK class. For an example, please refer to the updateSignerExample() method (line 250) in the ESignLiveExamples class. Thanks! Rob Martinez

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Reply to: Accessing a Package's Audit Info

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Hey Kodey, No worries. To get the evidence summary through the SDK, you can use a method called getAudit() in the ESignLiveSDK class. It will return a base64 encoded string of the evidence summary that you can save in Salesforce as a PDF file. For an example of using this method, you can refer to the getAuditExample() method in the ESignLiveExamples class (line 220). Thanks! Rob Martinez

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Reply to: Installing the SDK

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Hey Kodey, Glad you've had an opportunity to start working with the SDK. It could be a couple things. First, make sure you have an active remote site setting for the environment you're trying to integrate with (sandbox or production). Second, make sure you have your custom settings configured correctly. Please refer to the 'Installation and Configuration' section of the ReadMe file for additional info. For additional troubleshooting, please refer to the 'Troubleshooting' section in the wiki. If you're still unable to resolve the issue, please reply here and we'll get back to you. Thanks! Rob Martinez


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Hi, is there a way to prevent sending emails from the payload? If not is there a way to toggle sending and not sending emails? Regards, Mario
3 6 years 11 months ago 10
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Hey there, I have a situation where I have an existing package and I'm trying to add a new document to it with text anchor fields. The part to create the document is fine, but my issue is to add an e
4 7 years 6 months ago 30
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I am using Apex SDK for one of our project in Salesforce and it does work while uploading document binaries. However, randomly on certain times it creates a validation error.
7 7 years 10 months ago 36
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One last question.
2 7 years 11 months ago 77
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Sorry for all the different posts, but I thought it'd be better to have each question separately so they're easier to search. Another thing I'm going to need to use is to get the Audit information li
1 7 years 11 months ago 35
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