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There is any specification about the fields that came on the response body of this service?

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Hi Duo!

The main difference between your snippet and my actual code it's I was creating the DocumentPackage like this:

private DocumentPackage createPackage(String name, Signer signer, Document document, DocumentPackageSettings settings) {
        PackageBuilder builder = PackageBuilder.newPackageNamed(name).withSigner(signer).withDocument(document).withSettings(settings).autocomplete(true);


PackageId packageId = client.getTemplateService().createPackageFromTemplate(new PackageId("Ug_EIC8CCV8md-Jc7PJCHkEnrx0="), documentPackage);
client.uploadDocuments(packageId, document);

The document that I'm uploading it's created on the app like this (from a file):

DocumentBuilder builder = DocumentBuilder.newDocumentWithName(name).fromStream(input, DocumentType.PDF) .withExtractionType(ExtractionType.TEXT_TAGS).enableExtraction();

The signer is created like this:


SignerBuilder builder = SignerBuilder.newSignerWithEmail(email).withFirstName(firstName).withLastName(lastName) .withCustomId("Signer1").withAttachmentRequirement(atteachment1Req()) .withAttachmentRequirement(attachment2Req()) .withSmsSentTo(phoneNumber); .replacing(new Placeholder("901da53c-9bd8-43ff-8b63-460a5cccd95f"));


And has this to locate the signature for the Signer:

signature position at document

Maybe I need to change the order or to modify my custom document creation.
Not all the use cases have to use the template.


The transaction that I've used is on the sandbox:
TemplateID: Ug_EIC8CCV8md-Jc7PJCHkEnrx0=
PackageID: SouOnYztjTy2RvoD6n_TPh2gPKA=


Thanks for your response.


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There is any specification about the fields that came on the response body of this service?

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