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Reply to: OneSpan Sign - Transaction Export & Download Tool - v1.7.1

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For Span Date 04/16 - 04/18 - the web GUI has 1 completed / 8 in progress.

This tool did not pull any.  Why?

I verified that the dates in the Web GUI and the dates in the download tool are matching....

So what is the WebGUI using as date - last updated?
What is the tool using as date - creation?

That is my only thought is the search criteria in web GUI is different than the download tool.

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If I add more than 3 days to the pull, the tool locks up / stop responding due to the amount of records in that span ... So I am limited to 3 days and probably less during the weekdays.

On other pulls, the tool has pulled 1 record in complete and 2 in complete were missed... the 1 that pulled in the tool matched 1 on the GUI and the other 2 missed were just missed.  So do we have records with different credentials? Could it be a time zone issue, signed at 11:50PM CST and the tool uses EST or does it use GMT calculating the different time zones to match the GMT time?

The API and creds match the Web GUI and this tool.


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