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Hello Sir,

Is it possible to upload document through one span API without adding or binding any custom fields to it? As per my requirement, one user will upload a pdf document and send it to user for signing? I am using PHP. Would you please guide me for the same?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sir,

Thank you so much for the prompt reply. As per my requirement, there will be certain types of users (i.e. companies) who will upload their contract documents (pdf document different format and different text) in our PHP website. This PDF will be a kind of readonly PDF and will be sent to the respective customers. The customer will then sign that PDF document (any where in PDF mostly there will be a blank link in pdf to indicate the customer to sign here) . Once they sign the document, it should save the document on our server. Some of the examples I followed, iFrame was used and I don't know why because I was not able to see the demo in regards to how exactly it works.

It would be a great help to me.

Thank you,

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Thanks very much for the help. The link you provided ( Create and Send package code share) to create and send package is returning error "Cannot send package without approvals"

I understand that creating package will upload the pdf document and sending package will send an email to customer to sign the document, correct? Every new or existing user who upload a new contract document will create a new package everytime. Please confirm.

I can set the callback URL in event notification so when customer signs the PDF document, they can return to the PHP website. There may be a case when the new PDF document is sent to the same customer so that should not be a problem.

Also the portal will be only used as mediator to organize the flow and everything should be managed through API. So we would be using only API to do the work. Both types of users will see the signed documents from our website only.

Also can you let me know what should be the package status when we send it to signer?

Would you let me know what REST API to use to send customer an email to sign PDF document? Is it create and send a package?

Again thank you very much for spending sufficient time and providing me solution and having a patience with me.



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Yeah error disappeared and it returned id which I understood is the package id or is it document id? Although it did not send me an email to sign the document :)

Any idea? Also when I set the handover url, will it send me the document id in URL, so I can identify and proceed further actions?

Thanks for your rime. Much appreciated.

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Thanks for the update. After logged into my sandbox account, all I have done is using API key only.

"make sure you are not checking your sender's email inbox, the email.activate template will only send to signers."

- Do I need to create template from my sandbox account in order to send email to customers? That would be the dynamic process, So do I need to use any other API? Let me know if I misunderstood anything? I know I am bugging you but thanks for the patience.



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how to make fields which are common to all the signers , if there are more than one signers .

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