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Reply to: Rapid Proof Of Concept - Supported Workflow ID's and descriptions

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Hi Nabil,

In the next update for the demo workflows, we will be implementing a Document Only workflow.  This workflow could be used to capture the document only details for you.  Validating the face separately could be an issue however.  We currently do not have the ability to take an image of the face and only do that component of the workflow, as you would need to capture a document first and then capture the face to do the validation.

When you signup with OneSpan, our professional services group can help you further to create custom integrations like this.  In our demo and poc environments we are a bit more limited to what we can do there.

Hope this helps.



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When working with the Rapid Proof of Concept environment only specific Workflow ID's are currently supported.  These may change from time to time, but will be backwards compatible through out

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