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Reply to: Ability to have signer signature appear in multiple signature fields

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Thank you for your suggestion. Making our product easier to use is always one of our top priorities. Keep these ideas coming! We have indeed considered making some form of “batch signing” capability available however we have to balance ease of use with making the electronic signature process easy to enforce in the event of a legal dispute. What we might do is make this sort of capability available under very specific circumstances at first. Thank you again!

Reply to: Package Reviewer

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By definition a reviewer is a recipient without any signatures. eSignLive does not require any signing action from reviewers, therefore they are excluded from the signing workflow. One way to simulate reviewer workflow is to use a disclosure document as follows: - Create a package and add the needed documents and signers - Delete the eSign Consent document - Upload the same consent document and position it first in the list of documents (you can find the eSign Consent document attached to this post) - Make this document a disclosure by clicking on the document settings icon and add the reviewer to the list of "Acceptors" - Turn on signing order and place the reviewer and the other signers in the right order The reviewer in this scenario does not have to sign any documents. Once he/she accepts the eSign Consent document the workflow will be enforced and the subsequent signer will be notified.


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I would like to add a reviewer to my package and enforce a signer workflow, but the reviewer doesn't have to sign anything. Anyone know how I would go about setting this up?
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It would be a great feature to allow a signer to sign once for all fields they have to sign for in a document, rather than having them sign multiple times.
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