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Reply to: Saving Completed Packages to SharePoint from Dynamics Connector

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Hi Darin, Yes, the Dynamics CRM connector supports this feature. Your CRM administrator will need to enable and configure the feature before it becomes available to the CRM users. After the configuration, the signed documents from the Dynamics CRM connector get stored in a SharePoint library. For this feature, both SharePoint and Dynamics CRM servers will need to be in the same domain. For more information about how to configure this feature, see the “SharePoint Configuration” section of the deployment guide for the Dynamics CRM connector here: Try it and let us know how it goes. Cheers, Sherry

Reply to: Accessing the completed package

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Hi neelsp, Yes, you can use the eSignLive RestAPI or the .NET or Java SDK to access the completed package for a specific account regardless of how packages are completed. I hope this answers your question. Give it a try and let us know how it works. Cheers, Sherry

Reply to: Accessing the completed package

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Hi neelsp, A user who creates Packages using the Salesforce connector will be able to view the Packages using the eSignLive user interface (web portal). So, yes, the eSignLive website ( displays all packages regardless of where the Packages are created from. Note that the Packages that are created in eSignLive website are not shared with the other connectors. What products do you use to create Packages? What are some of your use cases? Are you using both the Salesforce connector and the e-SignLive website to create Packages? Let us know about your use cases. Thanks, Sherry

Reply to: Accessing the completed package

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Thanks for sharing. Many of the intended functionality is there today. Users can view all Packages in the web UI. With the e-SignLive API capabilities available today, the signed documents can be extracted and stored into a document storage repository. But, today, when a user creates a transaction in one connector, that transaction is not shared with the other connectors. I am interested in learning more about your business processes, industry, and the business applications that require users to have access to e-signing transactions (Packages) from either of the UIs. What is the business process or application that requires/motivates a user to create a Package using one type of UI (say Salesforce) and then access the package through another UI to manage the same transaction? Understanding the business application helps us evaluate the benefits of such a feature for the other users in our target markets. It would be great if you can share this information. I’ll be happy to contact you via email to learn more about the specifics of the business process that your organization is implementing. Let me know. Cheers, Sherry

Reply to: Accessing the completed package

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Hi neelsp, The next version of the eSignLive Salesforce app offers a feature in which the completed signed documents are attached to the Salesforce chatter. When the Packages are completed, the app attaches the signed documents to the Salesforce record that the user originally used to create the Package, for example an account or an opportunity record. The next version of the Salesforce app will be released as part of the eSignLive Winter release in the next few weeks. We'll announce it on the website. Let me know whether this meets the requirement of your business process. Cheers, Sherry


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