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Reply to: Digipass Activation Workflow with Platform API's

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Greetings Josh,

It appears to be that you are following a web-based initiation stream. For that, you won't require the DeviceCode or the/enlistments endpoint call. All you want to accomplish for a protected initiation is to enter your userID and the activationPassword that you obtained from/clients/register endpoint, into the versatile application that you have the Organization SDK incorporated to. The deviceCode will then be implanted in the organization order, and the gadget will be naturally actuated in this stream.

If it's not too much trouble, notice that the activationPassword is time restricted to 10 minutes after the age.

I trust that makes a difference



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I'm trying to piece all of the elements together to build workflows with your APIs, but there are some gaps in my understanding that I need to fill in.

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