mwilliams submitted November 24 2022

Included in this download:

  • Orchestration SDK 5.6.1
  • Image Generator SDK 4.22.13
  • Image Scanner SDK 4.28.0
  • Notification SDK 4.30.0
  • Utilities SDK 4.28.0

You can find more details on the Mobile Security Suite SDKs page.

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Reply to: Mobile Security Suite SDKs

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The downloaded zip do not contain : Secure Messaging SDK Client.
Where do I find it. ? Not present in

Reply to: Mobile Security Suite SDKs

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Dear Alonso,


The MSS SDK available on the community portal only contains the SDKs that are required to work with Orchestration.

The full MSS SDK can be downloaded from the customer portal ( using your client credentials.


Kind regards,


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