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OneSpan Cloud Authentication
18 hours 45 minutes ago

Hello Forum,

OneSpan Sign
19 hours 46 minutes ago


After creating a transaction in onespan sign using REST API, user is getting the below error while signing the document :

OneSpan Sign
13 hours 37 minutes ago

Is it possible to use a signature pad with written signature using the OneSpan web site? The examples I have seen are all click-to-sign. Any Java code examples you can point me to?


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Mobile Security Suite
Submitted on June 4 2020
This ZIP file contains the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator ES APK file version 4.21.0 for Android.
  • Mobile Authenticator ES
  • APK file
Mobile Security Suite
Submitted on May 20 2020
This is the CrontoSign APK file version 7.2.16.
  • CrontoSign Swiss
  • APK file
OneSpan Sign
Submitted on May 11 2020
This tool allows you to review and delete layouts.
  • Layouts
  • manage
  • delete

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