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My company is working on a mobile application (android & iOS) that handles roommate agreements. We are generating PDFs from HTML and were hoping that the eSignLiveSDK would be a turn key solution to adding eSignatures to the experience. In the interest of not generating user accounts from our database, we'd like to use a single profile under which to manage signatures generated on the mobile platforms. Can this be done by providing unique identifiers for each signature? Would this make it possible to collect multiple signatures for a single document?

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Hi there, You can have a look at the link below to get you a feel for how eSignLive works: https://developer.esignlive.com/getting-started/ Basically, the only person that needs an account is yourself (account owner). Once you have that (e.g. sandbox account), you can create a transaction with any number of signers/documents. The minimum requirement to add a signer to a transaction is first name, last name, and email address. These signers do not need to have an esignlive account. In addition, you can have any number of signatures on a document, with each one assigned to a particular signer in your transaction. Once you've sent your transaction, your signers will be notified by email that a document requiring their signature. Though, you can also create a signing session in an iframe to embed in your own application. You can have a look at our mobile documentation to get you started: http://docs.esignlive.com/content/c_integrator_s_guide/sdk/l_esignlive_mobile_sdk/esignlive_ios_sdk.htm http://docs.esignlive.com/content/c_integrator_s_guide/sdk/l_esignlive_mobile_sdk/esignlive_android_sdk.htm Let me know if anything is unclear.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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