Possible to skip the ESign Disclosures and Consent

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Hello, We found an issue with the iOS SDK that sometimes the SDK skip the ESign Disclosures and Consent document and skip directly to the contract. So, the user signs without agreeing the consent, and found to have a never ending "In Progress" state in the ESignLive Cloud. It is more often seen with older Apple devices but still this is a big issue for us. Do you have something to make it never happen, or to make sure that the contract won't being sent or close if the first ESign Consent has been signed ? Thank you

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Hi there, If you fired the callback function "didCompleteESignCeremony", will these partially signed transactions trigger this function?
- (void)didCompleteESignCeremony:(NSDictionary *)aDict {

    NSLog(@"Did Complete ESign Ceremony!");

    [eSignLiveKit transactionWithGUID:[aDict valueForKey:@"guid"] cached:YES withCallback:^(NSDictionary *dict) {

        NSLog(@"Transaction has been completed: %@",dict);


If yes, what's the transaction status printed out here? The purpose is to testify whether these problematic transactions will be treated as completed package. And if you can catch them so that you can potentially reopen the signing ceremony from this callback. Talking about the issue itself, for devices having this issue, was the issue consistent? And could it because of that the iOS version was too outdated that the pop-up iframe containing Disclosure document failed to be displayed? Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hello Duo, No the transaction do not callback in "didCompleteESignCeremony". When startingToSynchronize, it fails, due to the lack of ESign Disclosures and consent agreement. It is not consistent, it is in a 1 to 10 ratio that it fails to show the ESign Consent, so we can understand that it is random, and tend to appear on older devices.

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